Do you enjoy cracking folks up? Do people say you're amusing or witty? Why not make some money and get rewarded for your jokes by using your sense of humor?
Trolls on the internet are not a recent phenomenon; in fact, they date back to the late 1980s. However, in a time when cyberbullying has come to be associated with cancel culture, we are seeing the emergence of an entirely new class of trolls—those who work for Troll to Earn and are paid to infiltrate, manage, and control online dialogues about their competitors. Greetings from the vile world of trolling.
Despite all of this, trolling is still viewed as a double-edged weapon that can be both dangerous and advantageous. While many detractors view it as a behavior that puts "the integrity of the internet at stake" or as cyber-violence against a person, some businesses applaud it for driving profitable traffic to their website or serving as the person's inspiration to leave. In actuality, all publicity is good publicity, even trolling.
Trolling can be defined as 2 groups: the intentional dissemination of "disinformation" online or the creation of amusing memes. This is accomplished by hiring individuals solely for these trolling actions. And Troll To Earn was created for the positive and good troll: amusing memes or videos for users to relax and have fun.
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